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Suning Real Estate Technical Seminar

YTONG was invited to Suning Real Estate Group Co.

Ltd to hold a seminar on May 22nd which the topic is about YTONG’s AAC panel and applications. About 16 persons from design, purchase and engineering dept. had attended.Suning Real Estate belongs to Suning Electronics Group, is a large real estate group which engaged in high-end integrated real estate development. The development covers commercial, logistics and industrial, residential, technology property real estate, etc. Suning had developed a series of large-scale integrated commercial projects, logistics and industrial real estate in sixty cities in China.The seminar was held in the meeting center of Suning Group, and started with the presentation by Mr. Wang Mengwei which is the product manager of Ytong. Also Ytong’s commercial director Ms. Wang Chen and strategic partnership supervisor Ms. Sun Shifang were attended together. Considering the project trends of Suning is logistics, Mr. Wang focused on Ytong internal and external wall panel and the applications in industrial segment. He introduced the panels’ different sizes and features and compared YTONG panel with traditional wall materials. All the designers showed great interested in ytong products, especially internal wall panels. In the end of this meeting, Mr. Wang showed success projects of ytong to answer the questions about internal wall panel applications. After this success seminar, YTONG and Suning build a good relationship with each other and will improve the strategic partnership in the future.