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Wuxi Architectural Design and Research Institute Technical Seminar

YTONG was invited to Wuxi Architectural Design & Research Institute Liability Co.

Ltd. to hold a seminar about YTONG’s products and applications this Wednesday. The designers include the master of this institute had attended this seminar.
Wuxi Architectural Design & Research Institute Liability Co. Ltd., was built in 1952 and converted on January 15, 2002 from the original Wuxi Architectural Design & Research Institute. The company has held 5 1st class qualifications, i.e.
design, soil investigation, engineering consultation, legal supervision and design of intelligentized system. The company has cooperated in several projects with foreign design offices, like Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.Many prize projects were designed by this institute, such as Wuxi Taihu Lake Garden, Landsea Wuxi, Wuxi Vanke.Stefanie, strategic partnership supervisor of YTONG, gave the presentation together with Jiangsu Sales Mr. Yan. After
introduced Xella Group and YTONG brand, she mainly focused on YTONG panels which the fast construction speed and fire resistance performance. Combined with the current policy of industrialization and prefabricated buildings, she
explained the assembly rate of YTONG panels. YTONG has collected information and suggestions from designers after this seminar, and will continue to keep in touch with the design institute to provide YTONG professional technical support
and service.