House Owners

YTONG is technology leader of the global high-end building wall system. In 2010, YTONG aerated concrete was awarded the "German Century brand" award as an outstanding representative of German industrial products together with the famous German brand Mercedes-Benz.

YTONG aerated concrete is patented formula and high-quality building products made of unique high temperature autoclave process, the YTONG and construction of a house is like a high quality vehicles which equipped with high-quality automotive engine. Excellence quality inside the wall makes the quality of the house be more reliable.

The main advantages of choosing YTONG walls:

  • Green and safe:

    YTONG products are environmentally friendly recyclable building materials. They have radioactive qualities and create no chemical pollution;

  • Energy saving:

    YTONG products have excellent thermal insulation properties. They let the house warm in winter and cool in summer therefore saving electricity;

  • Anti-cracking:

    the YTONG patented technology products with a different crystal structure, detected by the authority, the drying shrinkage values up to 0.116mm / m, much higher than the national standard 0.5mm / m, with the thin layer of masonry, Plastering and elastic structural measures to minimize the cracks of the wall which is common problem;

  • Short period:

    YTONG product is very accurate, just approved surface putty embedded without stucco screed, can greatly shorten the construction period;

  • High strength lightweight and easy construction:

    as durable as brick and stone, but less dense than water, very light weight, easy to handle construction, as it can be sawed like wood, ease of processing, fire resistance, mothproof, antiseptic, security.