YTONG is professional wall consultants and reliable partners of real estate developers and government investment projects. These brands are extremely reliable and there are numerous success stories worldwide that demonstrate their excellent quality, strong manufacture and system solutions. Our contributions to real estate projects and public facilities projects are as follows:

  • Brand reflection:

    famous international brands, advanced German green energy-saving products and technologies make the building more comfortable, safer, more energy efficient and more durable. These advantages help to improve the quality, brand reputation and revenue of real estate projects effectively. For government investment in public buildings, it can reflect the green, environmental protection, energy efficiency and the quality of long-term goal of the concept of scientific development;

  • Safety and energy efficiency:

    high-quality green building materials with excellent insulation and durability such as YTONG can achieve both retaining wall and thermal insulation, to make the exterior wall system safer, more economical, more reliable and more flexible;

  • Reduce investment:

    high-tech patented formulation process with light quality characteristics (80% lighter than concrete) such as YTONG blocks & panels. On one hand, it can directly reduce the cost of construction beams, columns, foundation structure, on the other hand, it can greatly improve site handling, construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, accelerate the construction of cash flow, improve the return on investment;

  • Advanced technology:

    the local marketing team with global experience are capable with variety of works which are consulting, design, computing, development, drawing, construction training, engineering subcontractor and acceptance co-ordination;

  • Reliable performance:

    well-equipped and experienced manufacturing logistics system is a strong guarantee for high volume, multi-specifications and tight-duration project.