YTONG is the perfect helper for engineering contractors; they make construction projects easier, faster and save on labour and materials, YTONG products are relaiable to the project contractor and provide the following services:

  • Performance Security:

    punctual, efficient production and logistics systems ensuring quality and quantity to supply and distribution, to ensure the duration of the project;

  • Technical cooperation:

    building and construction engineering methods can be recommended to provide the right size, specifications and high-precision products, improve the efficiency of the construction site;

  • Site support:

    provide on-site model demo, products, tools, application training, training manuals and technical information to explain the acceptance cooperation, a series of measures to ensure the proper construction and quality of the project;

  • A call should be:

    through thick and thin with construction partner on site. Any difficulty on the site, we provide the appropriate construction services rushed to the scene received a phone call within 24 hours