Advantages of YTONG Panel

Ytong panels are an aerated concrete configuration of special anti-rust treated steel mesh. It is a lightweight, high strength building product and made through a unique process. The special aerated concrete panels have been used in various types of high and large span building facades, interior walls, roofs, wood structures and fire protection cladding in developed countries all over Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. YTONG has the following outstanding features:

Fire resistance
YTONG autoclaved aerated concrete panel is an inorganic, non-combustible material. It has unparalleled fire resistance performance compared to the building interior wall components and metal composite sheets. It’s the first choice for industrial buildings with high-grade fire safety requirements for the external walls, roofs, and it’s also the ideal cladding materials for steel and wood structures. It can protect the building, people and property.


Long endurance
Ytong panel is inorganic material, the internal crystal structure is stable, similar to the composition of concrete, the endurance is more than 50years. Weathering resistance for exterior walls and roof are much better than the pre-painted sheet metal. (The life of the ordinary steel composite board is generally10-15 years)


Convenient construction
YTONG autoclaved aerated concrete panels are up to 6 meters in length. For high and large span internal and external wall structures, the construction work of the outside masonry exterior wall and structural columns along with the ordinary steel frame can be mechanized and become a continuous operation. The end result is a fast, simple construction.


Flexible Finish
The surface of YTONG autoclaved aerated concrete panel has a similar workability as wood, and you can carve a variety of patterns and designs according to the external decoration needs. During interior decoration and renovations, the ordinary pipeline slotting and wall nail hangings don’t need an embedded drywall as default making it more flexible and convenient.


YTONG products, are of the highest quality and protect national farmland through its energy saving production,. One cubic meter of raw material can produce five cubic meters of YTONG AAC products. YTONG reduces the consumption of energy in raw material.and is worthy of its reputation as an energy saving product which reduces CO2 emissions.

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