Technical services and quality

YTONG & Silka can provide professional wall and professional consultations. You’re welcome to contact any YTONG and Silka service providers who are experts in:

  • Professional design:

    according to the characteristics of projects and building types, design for energy-saving insulation, crack impermeability, high-strength anti-earthquake, fire resistance and high standards required by the wall;

  • Cost analysis:

    help clients to analyse technical and economical performance of the various wall systems, and control the project budget and cost;

  • Factory visits:

    arrange for clients to visit factories to view manufacturing and R & D capabilities and to learn more about the production, logistics and supply security;

  • Full care:

    pre-, during and after the overall wall construction and effectively help customers to solve all the quality, schedule and cost issues;

  • Cooperative development and marketing:

    cooperate with innovative real estate developers to develop new green low-carbon technology building walls, co-branding to promote green low-carbon technology buildings.