Energy efficiency

YTONG autoclaved aerated concrete is manufactured from inorganic material, has no radioactivity, is free of allergenic substances and has no toxic gases released in case of fire. Since 1923 Ytong has been a well-known and ecological construction material. Ytong AAC is manufactured by progressive technology using the most modern equipment. This guarantees high-quality products and reliable technical characteristics. Ytong is composed of natural raw materials, cement, lime, sand and water.

Protection of Arable Land

The Chinese government controls and limits the use of clay bricks through the application of the “New Wall Material Regulations”. This is where Ytong comes in- it has been identified as one of the materials that can be used to replace clay bricks. Ytong, a high quality product protects the ecological and agricultural cultivated land and as a result can contribute to maintaining Chinese food security.

Energy-efficient Buildings

YTONG products have excellent thermal insulation energy-saving performance. Maintenance of the exterior wall insulation system can be simplified without the use of heat preservation materials . The Ytong AAC wall system can easily reduce heat losses in buildings and insulate the building from cold outside air, resulting in a lower consumption of heating and cooling equipment such as air-conditioners and heaters. Ytong ensures long-term protection of the structures from climate-related impacts and provides pleasant room conditions for the inhabitants.

Energy Saving

Just one cubic meter of raw material can produce over fiver cubic meters of YTONG AAC products. Ytong is a high quality product so lightweight that it can float on water. It reduces the consumption of energy in raw material mining transport, product production, finished product transportation, and construction installation. Ytong is worthy of the reputation it has gained as an energy saving and CO2 emission reducing product.